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Cheap? or Not Cheap? 7-Eleven can go both ways. 7-Eleven is priced remarkably inconsistent for a major Franchise. The owners can set their own prices and that is why you might see the Hostess Twinkies you can sometimes get at the 99 cents Only stores for 50 cents, priced at $2.19 NOT CHEAP. You can refill any container at the soda fountain up to 56 OZ (in this area) for 99 cents CHEAP. There is a sausage biscuit sandwich (in this area) for $1.09 and it's always fresh and good CHEAP. The coffee is pretty good and cheap also. Keep an eye on those 7-Eleven stores that sell gas as they can sometimes be the cheapest in town. 7-Eleven has a rewards program but the rewards are their own products like 7-Eleven pizza which is an acquired taste.