Cheap Trip to Branson

So let's take a trip to Branson, MO. How much will it cost to fly there from here? I'm in Los Angeles County and I don't want to go to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) so let's fly out of ONT (Ontario California) probably equidistant from me to LAX. Today is 02/15/19 and let's make the trip on Friday June 14 (a Friday) to June 17 (a Monday) 2019 so as not to pay a premium for short notice.

For the purpose of this article we are just looking at airfare. maybe we'll do Hotels another article.
For the purpose of this website we are choosing the lowest fare even if it means long lay-overs between flights.

The first airline that came to mind was Western Airlines. My search engine went immediately to Alaska Airlines because apparently Western Airlines went out of business in 1987.
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Flight 483 ONT 5:40 pm SEA 8:20 pm
Alaska Flight 660 SEA 11:25 pm DFW (Dallas) Next day arrival: 5:10 am
American Flight 3887 DFW 9:00 am SGF (Springfield/Branson) 10:24 am
14 Hours 44 Minutes
Return Flight
American Flight 3516 SGF 3:55 pm DFW 5:26 pm
Alaska Flight 667 DFW 7:55 pm SEA 10:10 pm
Alaska Flight 530 SEA Next day departure: 6:10 am ONT 8:55 am
19hours 0minutes
Total Round trip
We'll try another airline tomorrow.Maybe.
Southwest Airlines
Using, I couldn't get us there from here.
We'll try another airline tomorrow.Maybe.
American Airlines
Another confusing website like Southwest but eventually it looks like they can get us there and back for $785.00 with 1 stop in Dallas.
was unable to get us there.
United Airlines
Another confusing website that can't seem to get us to Branson. I am relatively computer literate, I very rarely fly. But as cheap as I am, I would probably pay a little more on something as special as this trip and go with Alaska Airlines, who knows how to make online flight booking easy and understandable.