neighborwho Is Garbage

If you are looking for location information, past or present and need an accurate directory (as I often am) This is NOT it.
Another total waste of time. Stay away. I took the bait and did find some real names attached to real addresses (something that is not hard to find on websites with an ounce of integrity.) And the pitch was that a little more info was available if I joined with an e-mail address and I did. I was immediately linked to a sign up page for $28.00 a MONTH to go any further which of course I did not do and this was just a drag, and then, I went back to try a new inquiry to see if it would work again and it no longer gave me the kibble it did in the first place, it just went to the sign up page. This is another bullshit website and you are welcome because I saved you the aggravation.