How Much does it cost to make a George Foreman Cheeseburger

How Much does it cost to make a George Foreman Cheeseburger?

I bought all of the ingredients today at Stater Brothers which is not the cheapest market in town but it is the closest. So sometimes even I - The Cheap Guy pay for convenience when I am lazy - which is a very expensive trait - which is addressed - HERE. The hamburger patties were $10.99 for 12 frozen patties. The buns were $1.29 for an eight pack. The cheese was 2.99 for ten slices. As always there are costs associated with preparing the item so I add a "surcharge" to the formula to be fair. To be unfair would be to say a protein smoothie cost $3.50 to make when the juicer cost $5,000 (and yes there are $5,000.00 juicers). So I got the George Foreman grill from a friend who got the bigger one, but let's say I got it second hand for $10.00 which is generous and let's say I get 50 burgers before it falls apart. Include the mustard I bought a couple of weeks ago at the Dollar store and the ketchup packages that were and always are over served (which still must be factored-in as an associated cost) and I will ad .30 more cents as the surcharge.


$ .92 Frozen hamburger patty quarter-pounder, 73% lean
$ .17 Hamburger bun store brand
$ .30 Cheese store brand sharp cheddar cheese.
$ .30 surcharge.
Total expense

Why is this a good deal?
Here's why: It's delicious. Just think about the flavor of sharp cheddar cheese - even store brand - compared to McDonald's cheeseburger cheese, I don't think a cow had anything to do with it. And the beef patty itself? There's a reason why over 100 million George Foreman grills have been sold worldwide. It cooks the burgers juicy, thoroughly and with less fat. Even the eight for a dollar hamburger buns are better than a value menu burger bun.

Here's how to do it.