Wash Your Car


How many guards got in this truck in the months it took to get this dirty and did nothing? Where is the post commander?
Sometimes the security company's management relaxes too much for too long after success. You think you have Johnson handling the east and Williams handling the midwest and Sharma handling the west.

What could go wrong?


This truck has been dented-up and look at that nearly flat tire. Look at the new car sticker in the window. How did it get so trashed so quickly?
I really stopped caring after awhile but I shop here once a week. And I see it all the time and I still don't care but It seems to always be parked in a space that customers should get.

Account managers... get your feet off the desk, the phone from your ear... the mouse out of your hand and get into the field. If your job isn't challenging, then you are not working hard enough.
How often have you spoken with the post commander in Barstow? Never? Then you are not working hard enough.

This agency actually uses the hi tech truck as a selling point for recruiting.

Bye the way this isn't a patrol vehicle at some off-grid industrial warehouse post where nobody sees it. This is a very busy "Super Center".

Like Momma Donna used to say:

We don't have much here but we keep it nice.